And Justice for All: Propaganda

Reading this Blog> I started thinking about Propaganda.

Is propaganda inherently bad? Should it be used an insult?

Whether you are liberal or conservative, you are accused of promoting your own propaganda.

What is propanganda? It is simply a systematic attempt at promoting one idea or point of view or cause.

Everyone, in short, does this. We are at our heart subjective beings, so we are constantly pushing our own opinions and point of views.

Any sort of academic area has this as a pressuposition. For example, one understands a particular episode in history only when we understand the factors that influence it (e.g. socio, economic, political, and/or military factors).

The reason that propaganda is considered so bad is because of the history associated with it. From what I understand, a systematic attempt at propaganda really started to take around World War I, and was advanced in the coming years (see Hitler during World War II).

When people look back on propagandists like Hitler, we can see where the negative connontations of the word takes shape. Who wants to think something can be decent (or at least morally neutral), when it was so instrumental the Holocaust, and the genocide of the Jewish population?

The inlincation to see propaganda as negative is very natural.

Of course, there are other forms of propaganda which aren't so bad. What about the NAACP/ACLU attempts to bring a positive light to civil rights for minorities (e.g. Non-wasps)? A more informed populus concerned about the civil rights of non-majority peoples is a positive thing.

My main point then, is that, maybe propaganda is morally neutral, and not as bad as we might think.

But, of course, maybe that's just some propaganda I'm pushing myself.

Until Next time,

Rev. Dr. Brandon Music

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